Since our trade signals are completely automated, all human emotion is removed from a trade idea. Signals are based almost entirely on technicals, alerting you when a set of criteria is met. As you continue to use Barafu Trading signals, you can start to grow accustomed to them and get a better feel for which ones have the best chance for the highest potential profit.

Day Trades

Our day trade signal is triggered when a stock has a strong breakout above resistance or breakdown below support. See examples below. An arrow up represents a buy / call option signal. An arrow down represents a sell / put option signal. Other factors, such as volume and candle features are coded into the signal, to try to avoid false signals.

Swing Trades

Our swing trade signals a potential change in the trend. The script runs on a 1 hour chart, so swing trade signals are short term swing trade ideas. Below are some examples on various charts.

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